Endgames, Kombat, and James Gunn turns Superman into a Horror Movie

This past week we have seen the Avengers:  Endgame trailer and it set the internet onfire with 289 Million Views in 24 hours. WOW just WOW.  It has taken thenumber one spot for that statistic and as an added note 4 out of the top 10 most-viewedonline trailers in the first 24 hours belong to Marvel Studios films.

Video games saw a new trailer for Mortal Kombat 11 now don’t get me wrong I am all for MK over the years but maybe it’s time to hang it up?  I bought the last one and I even had the Superhero version Injustice but there are only so many was to break a Ninja’s bones….IJS

Aquaman is getting ready to hit theaters and I am actually excited.  I think it will have tough competition over the holidays no doubt but I am hearing initial reviews and I expect to be pleasantly surprised.  Now I am planning on going on the 21st even though I could see it early because of the Amazon Prime promotion, and I have a message for movie goers and superhero film fans:  Please be mindful that women are flocking to see this film because of Jason Momoa.  I am not a hater I repeat I am not a hater but I will let you know I will give some dirty looks and possibly elbows if I hear catcalling from the women in the audience. 

Now, I should save this for a separate podcast or video but Disney made a huge mistake.  I know James Gunn said some disturbing things in the past but I am actually excited to see a movie this guy has done since his “scandal”.  Now I know trailers can be better tan the movie sometimes but this dude basically made a Superman movie with a twist.  If you haven’t seen the trailer for Brightburn go on over to YouTube or you video provider of choice and look it up.  When my boy Bouf asked me about it I had no clue I watched it and had to pick my jaw up off the floor.  I mean the premise is no different than a couple of things that comic book fans haven’t already thought of like:  Invincible, Ultraman, Hyperion from Squadron Sinister, an evil Superman.  I don’t think anyone ever looked at it from the point of view of when his powers first developed.

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