Dragon Ball Super: Broly – A GoingFullNerd Review

I want people to know I love the Dragon Ball series.  There have been high points and low points but as a whole I love the series all the way back to the beginning.  Dragon Ball Super: Broly answered a few questions about old stuff but it didn’t deviate from the typical Dragon Ball series mantra.  Saiyans are strong as hell but dumb as hell too except for Vegita his only problem is pride. 

Bottom line is the fight scenes give watchers what they expect from a Dragon Ball movie.  Now this is where I am torn because while everyone has said on their different reviews how great the story was, I really wasn’t impressed.  It was average as best. 

The series of events that brought Broly into the series were all rather shallow after we got past the recap of historical events.  Bottom line is while this was truly enjoyable to watch and I recommend it for all to enjoy it wasn’t good enough in my humble nerdy opinion to watch in a movie theater.  I don’t care how big the IMAX screen is or how good it sounds it really should have been a straight to video production.  I give it 4 out of 5 and a must see for a Dragon Ball fan but don’t be a fanatic and watch it on the big screen…. you will thank me later.

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