Doom Patrol (DC Universe) – These Are the Heroes You Didn’t Want to Need

I am four episodes into Doom Patrol and I will tell you this has to be one of the strangest (actually a mind trip) yet satisfying series I have ever watched.   I don’t know why I like these characters here in live action where I have never had a connection to the original comics or even the animated versions.  This series is definitely not for kids, not even under supervision with the language.  This is definitely the direction that Warner Bros. needs to go in more ways than one.  Each character has a major FLAW and that’s what makes this fun.  Every Flaw gives the character depth and makes you care about what happens to the group as a whole.

The DC Universe streaming service may be going through issues (not enough content, not enough subscribers) but if they double down with shows like this eventually it may prosper.  Now you could possibly wait for digital and Blu-Ray releases which if an indicator of the Titans original series release $24.95 can be expensive per season.   

Doom Patrol is how I envision the midway point between the CW’s Arrow verse and the DC Comics Movie Universe.   There are 15 episodes in total in season one and I am almost a 3rd of the way through so far things are looking really good. 

The existence of the Justice League in this universe (references to the team and Batman and Aquaman individually) and their introduction in the Titans series makes this the connected universe that the movie universe desired to create but failed to effectively do even though they have had great elements in each of their movies that could have led to so much more. 

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