DC Universe and The State of DC Comics Live Action and Cartoons

meth and neurontin Aquaman Trailer – They dropped a new Aquaman Trailer this week and it was straight fire.  Special effects: on point, dialog: so far so good, Black Manta Special Effects: Hot fire, Classic Aquaman costume:  Priceless.  Warner Bros entertainment gets dogged out regularly for either being too dark or too funny.  This trailer has me actually excited for a character that has gotten the short end of the stick for years since the days of the Superfriends.  Even though Justice League treated him like a drunken surfer dude I hope we get the Aquaman portrayed during Grant Morrisons run on JLA confident and bold.

this article Why Should I subscribe to DC Universe Streaming? – Currently I have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, On Demand through my Cable TV provider, and various other streaming or pay per view.  Marvel/Disney is getting ready to create one and Warner Bros has DC Universe.  At NYCC They announced the lineup of original content and that’s what I am really looking for.  Digital Comics and old school stuff don’t interest me because I have DVD’s, and Blu-Ray hell I still have a working VHS Player to see old school stuff I have collected over time.

  • Titans – A New take on the Teen Titans is getting mixed reactions every time they show something new from it. The latest revelation that Starfire will get a comic book accurate costume still has many of us on the fence. This is besides the internet trolls hating on the actress.
  • Young Justice: Outsiders – This alone can be the difference maker. It will at least make me subscribe until all episode’s air and hit it with a prompt unsubscribe unless the rest of the offerings are banging.
  • Doom Patrol – Set photos look good but honestly DC can barely get their premiere characters right in live action so to use these guys who barely had a following in comics is a risk.
  • Swamp Thing – Same thing I said about Doom Patrol holds true for Swamp Thing. I know I am old enough to remember the movie from 1982 with Adrienne Barbeau.  For you young people she was pre-internet attractive and the draw for the original movie.
  • Stargirl – She made a live action appearance on the CW TV shows so my question is who thought she would make a good show…IJS. Need more information before I make judgement.
  • Harley Quinn – This animated feature is WB Animations answer to Deadpool with breaking the fourth wall. I really think we may be suffering from Harley overload but that actually happened during Suicide Squad.  What I do know is it isn’t for kids and Kaley Cuoco from the now cancelled after 12 seasons Big Bang Theory is her voice.

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