#Commentary – A GoingFullNerd perspective on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (SPOILERS) Part 1

The article can contain spoilers if you haven’t watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I suggest you do so and then come back to read this article.  What I am saying now is all speculation pieced together from rumors articles and all the things you can find by reading the news articles online, if I got it right someone at http://logancallahan.com/acyclovir Marvel needs to give me a damn job.  

blog here Spoilers and Speculation Below YOU WERE WARNED!! (Winter Soldier Movie Spoilers look like this:  Sample spoiler text



The current Marvel Cinematic Universe properties that exist are as follows:




  • Daredevil
  • Jessica Jones
  • Luke Cage & Iron Fist
  • Defenders

Let’s start with the television property:

Marvel’s Agents of  S.H.I.E.L.D. – this show has seen it’s share of trouble from the beginning but with the new status quo of the Marvel Cinematic Universe means we may have seen the end possibly.  Now there are a ton of open elements that were introduced by the show itself that with the now “defunct”  S.H.I.E.L.D. leaves that cast of characters up in the air.   While there are seeds planted that one of the crew is a traitor reporting to the “clairvoyant” I have my own theories that may come to play with the show.  Coulson is the glue that held the Phase One/Two films together and since his death at the hands of Loki in the Avengers I believe they have been slowly removing him from that role.

Though there are some inconsistencies from the show to the movies (If Cap is a level 8 operative, how come he doesn’t know Coulson (Level 7) is alive? I am sure that can be an issue somewhere though not officially addressed).  While I don’t believe any of Coulson’s team were Hydra members I do believe that the Clairvoyant and Hydra are connected in some way.  The Clairvoyant and the organization Centipede can be the Hydra offshoot AIM that was introduced already as an organization in the Iron Man trilogy.  Since the “death” of Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3 and no explanation of what happened to his company has surfaced so far other than the Extremis technology is in use by Centepede.   With that being said so far there have been no true telepathic characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far but with a very good representation of Arnim Zola as a sentient computer could the introduction of M.O.D.O.K. (Google it if you don’t know who that is) be far behind?

Agent May was definitely reporting to Fury and I think that as Fury stated in the movie he could only trust his friends.  Fury didn’t have time to contact everyone he knew he could trust before the events of the movie and though Hydra was interwoven within S.H.I.E.L.D. at the highest levels Coulson’s team was partially “off the grid” as evidenced by their mode of transportation and self contained facilities within the plane.  The remote controlled navigation I can understand since Agent Victoria Hand is notorious in the comics for following orders.  If she received any orders to get Coulson’s team back and terminate them from the Triskelion (where the Hydra contingent seemed to be concentrated) SHE WILL FOLLOW ORDERS.  The battle for the soul of S.H.I.E.L.D.  continues to TV.

While I don’t see this show having a run like M.A.S.H. or Big Bang Theory I think we can get at least three good seasons out of it despite average ratings and a very large budget for TV.  I base this on Marvel having a weekly one hour lead in for all of its other properties.

Next time:  Movie repercussions for the future films





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