#Comics – Female Thor ? No big deal if you are a real comics fan.

New Female Thor

It gets to me when non comic book fans make a big deal over nothing.  Case in point, it was announced on the TV show address The View that there will be a new female character taking over the mantle of Thor in the Marvel comic books.  Really folks?  Why is this such a big deal? Major changes to iconic characters happen all the time and then they revert back to their original state after some time to give the readers a new jumping point to follow these books.  This is not the first time there was a woman Thor!  Thor has been a frog too you know!

where can i buy proscar online uk People are saying how does this effect the movie?  – It doesn’t the movies are a self contained element separate from the comics if it wasn’t Loki would have been a woman when the first Thor movie came out.

The Thor we know in the comics has become unworthy to wield the hammer. He has been shown in promotional images wielding an axe.  

This new character will take up the mantle albeit temporarily until the Avengers movie (marketing at its finest).


So everyone just calm down.


– Onyxxx

Storm with Thor's hammer and Thor as a Frog
Storm with Thor’s hammer and Thor as a Frog
The First female Thor
The First female Thor
New Female Thor
New Female Thor

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