#ComicBooks – The Marvel Cinematic Universe Expands


Marvel Comics announced yesterday in partnership with Netflix to produce original content. Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With primary production in New York the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now gaining its street level heroes. The project is planned to include over 60 one-hour episodes based on those characters. This also will bring over 3000 jobs to the N.Y. region with about 400 of those being full time. This is a very breathtaking push into television for comic book related properties which has been dominated in the past by Warner Brothers with their high quality productions like Arrow and Smallville.


http://philipforteza.com/wp-content/themes/linenity/functions/download.php?imgurl=../../../../wp-config.php Figure 1-Luke Cage and Iron Fist

http://bludotsolutions.com/depression Figure 2 – Jessica Jones (Cage)

http://pennywisenow.com/29154-dte64178-50-year-old-dating-25-year-old.html Figure 3 – Daredevil

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