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Should there be changes of iconic characters just for the sake of change? Fox has announced (rumored) the actors who will star in the next Fantastic Four movie. Now don’t get me wrong I am all for placing actors of color in major roles but what they are putting together is not the Fantastic Four. Will this movie get my money? Yes it will, I love sci-fi, comic book, based movies. Though I think that instead of trying to diversify established characters why doesn’t Fox give the property back to Marvel/Disney and pursue the many ethnically diverse superheroes that need films made! Now do not get me wrong having an ethnically diverse cast is a good thing a lot of people complain of “white washing” characters to make them more appealing but isn’t this the same?  But onto what I feel is the real problem with the “reboot”. The last two movies suffered from what I call poor writing and interpretation of the source material. As a fan I understand “spandex” doesn’t convert to film very well.  With that there are only a few things that can save this film with such a dramatic re-invention of the “First Family” of comics.

1. Explain the ethnicity of the Storm family – Not hard to do but don’t let it be adoption. There are enough mixed culture families out in the world and also make the Storm’s true to their comic book natures: smart, close knit, and keep Johnny a hotheaded ladies man.

2. Play on the dynamic of Reed and Ben being life long friends. The tragedy of Ben’s transformation into the Thing should not be met with a brooding actor but have that emotional connection that makes Reed want to find a cure for his friend in addition to using the gift/curse to benefit others.

3. Make the Reed/Sue romance genuine not forced.

4. Do whatever you can to show the brotherly/joking relationship between Ben and Johnny.

5. Please make the Thing CGI!  But don’t call whoever made the Shrek-like hult from the atrocious Ang Lee debacle.

6. Last but not least make Doom a worthy villain. Don’t give him powers, do play up his intellect and vanity (think Tony Stark with an evil twist).

Those are my thoughts.

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