Choose your own adventure? Yes or No? Netflix: Black Mirror – Bandersnatch (Review)

Netflix’s Bandersnatch a movie where you make the decisions premiered and though it wasn’t as hyped up as Birdbox got its fair share of publicity so I decided to check it out.  Set in 1984 it is about a video game designer who is having his decisions made by an unknown entity (you) from the 21st century.  The idea as novel as it may be disappointed me on many levels because there were moments based on the decisions, I was making the story didn’t remain cohesive.  When you branched off to a dead end the movie started over and fast forwarded to your last successful decision point.   I really like Black Mirror because it takes me back to the old Twilight Zone and Outer Limits style of shows but some episodes are great some are not as I said in my older Black Mirror Review on YouTube.  Bandersnatch the standalone Black Mirror film needs to do just that: STAND ALONE as innovative as the concept is the delivery failed.

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