The Eyes Have It – Alita: Battle Angel (Review)

the new york dating scene I wasn’t expecting anything from this movie. I have never seen the source material and really didn’t have any expectations going in. So what can you expect from a movie … Read More

EVIL ARRIVES FROM THE FUTURE TO WREAK HAVOC ON PRESENT-DAY EARTH AS WARNER BROS. HOME ENTERTAINMENT AND DC PRESENT JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. THE FATAL FIVE BURBANK, CA (February 6, 2019) – The fate of the planet rests on the shoulders of a reluctant Green Lantern and an unstable hero from the future in Justice League … Read More

Dragon Ball Super: Broly – A GoingFullNerd Review

I want people to know I love the Dragon Ball series.  There have been high points and low points but as a whole I love the series all the way … Read More

How Do You Twist Glass Without Breaking It?

Well, M. Night Shyamalan you have done it again or didn’t do it depending on your opinion of his films.  He is either a genius or just clueless.  Unbreakable came … Read More

Are you planning on watching US (Movie)?

I know I may be a little late but I had to absorb this trailer a little bit.   This movie like its predecessor Get Out comes from the mind of … Read More

Choose your own adventure? Yes or No? Netflix: Black Mirror – Bandersnatch (Review)

Netflix’s Bandersnatch a movie where you make the decisions premiered and though it wasn’t as hyped up as Birdbox got its fair share of publicity so I decided to check … Read More

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