#ComicBooks – Original Sin: Let’s rewrite history

pourquoi ne pas les essayer I can say the next big thing in comics is coming from Marvel with a new crossover entitled Original Sin.  Now if you are an avid comic fan crossovers are … Read More

#ComicBooks – Amazing Spiderman 2 (Movie)

The second installation of Sony’s Spiderman reboot promises to have more angst, more villains, and a set up to have the franchise expand.  This is the second movie in a … Read More

#ComicBooks – The Fantastic Four (Movie) Reboot

Should there be changes of iconic characters just for the sake of change? Fox has announced (rumored) the actors who will star in the next Fantastic Four movie. Now don’t … Read More

#ComicBooks – Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Movie)

The second installation of the Captain America series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe from the look of the trailer that premiered during the “not so” Superbowl this year is … Read More

#ComicBooks – Guardians of the Galaxy (Movie)

Last night marked the premiere of the “Phase 2” Marvel movie trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy. Expanding upon the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Iron Man 1-3, Thor 1-2, Captain America … Read More

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