A Message to Creators of All Kinds

This should be the thought set of any writer, artist, musician, video producer, and creators of all types in every industry imaginable. You have a voice that will resound with … Read More

How To Make Money With YouTube That Doesn’t Involve Monetization?

  Someone asked me: Why it was a bad idea to close my AdSense since YouTube Demonetized me? My response is: Well you do know your AdSense still can earn … Read More

The GoingFullNerd Project (Ep. 6) – Making Advertiser Friendly Videos

Recently many creators on YouTube have been getting their videos reviewed and getting these interesting yellow circles.   These are signs that your material may not be advertiser friendly for one … Read More

#CHARITY – Helping Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Each year I donate and play a video game marathon to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (specifically Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C.). This year is no different, but … Read More

#VIDEOGAMES – Siege The Chance To Be A Hero With Ubisoft

Extra Life is partnering with Ubisoft to create an astronomical force for good to help sick and injured kids everywhere! Starting July 1 (yesterday), anyone who makes a donation of … Read More

#WeReadComics – Introducing Chad and he has issues…..

Hello, my name is Chad and I have issues… These issues have been with me for as long as I can remember and I hear admitting a problem is the … Read More

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