Before They Were Famous Superhero Shows?

free online dating sites without subscription First Gotham now Krypton we get these before they were famous type superhero non superhero dramas. Prequels have always done a good job of filling in story gaps but I would like to question the need for a Krypton Prequel. I mean I think DC comics have really found a way to diminish the impact of Superman being the survivor of Krypton’s destruction. I mean between the Phantom Zone villains, Supergirl, and the whole city of Kandor and the recent comic book addition of Jor-El as the mysterious Mr. Oz sort of waters down the mythos in my humble opinion.

Let’s also bring up the fact that I was super surprised to see some black Kryptonians I guess we tan well under the Red Sun. But I will spoil this series because I think I know how it ends.

1. Krypton explodes
2. Kal-El escapes and lands in Kansas
3. Numerous other Kryptonians escape to torment baby Kal-El once he grows up

Unless they just say screw the old school and Go Full Gotham on us and we will see all the space borne superman villains in this series to get the audiences interest.

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