Bad Boys for Life (Trailer Reaction) plus Other Entertainment News

Bad Boys is one of those movies like Friday’s, Menace 2 Society, Juice, and New Jack City that gets many of the brothers super excited.  When the first one came out Martin Lawrence and Will Smith were two of the hottest actors on the big screen when it come to movies with black star power.  It wasn’t overly “hood” and had the action and explosions which was a signature of Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckhkeimer films.  We were lucky enough to get a sequel 8 years later in the form of Bad Boys 2 and hell yeah, the further adventures of the smooth Mike Lowrey and Family man Marcus Burnett didn’t disappoint because of the chemistry and hijinks that Martin and Will had on screen. 

Now we all know all movies like this should at least come in threes and now we waited 17 years and finally got the third movie in the trilogy.

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