Are you planning on watching US (Movie)? I know I may be a little late but I had to absorb this trailer a little bit.   This movie like its predecessor Get Out comes from the mind of Director Jordan Peele and I really feel he is turning into today’s king of horror a big step from the sketch comedy of MadTv and Key & Peele.

dating sites for people who want kids The bar is set very high since Get Out became the smash hit and the stereotypes from comedy sketches saying African American horror movies would be really short because we would have no parts of the exploratory foolishness that many of these movies have.

I really don’t do horror movies but plan on watching this one just because the initial trailer lured me in with a creepy version of one of my favorite jams from back in the day “I Got 5 On It” by the Luniz. 

US hits theaters on March 15th and a week after Captain Marvel so I would love to see how it goes up against that powerhouse.

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