Aquaman – The Good, The Bad, and the What in the heck?

Rotten Tomatoes smashed it.  One of my favorite movie critics smashed it.  But as a long-time comic book fan what did I think of DCEU’s latest release that seemed to be doing well in China?

OK I hope that what I am about to say doesn’t spoil the movie for everyone but I will not share major details. The Good – I can say the action scenes are awesome, fight scenes were well choreographed and the edits were very fun to look at. 

Glad they reference justice League but the connection was very loose.  After this any other connection to previous DCEU films is long gone.

All characters looked like their comic book counterparts the costume designers out did themselves and I give them a standing ovation.   

cheap online pharmacy for cytotec The Bad – there were many moments you can tell actors were on a green screen not to the level of the infamous Justice League mustache debacle but very noticeable.

The villain Black Manta was so shallow and one dimensional in my humble opinion.  Too focused and smart for no damn reason.

Privolzhskiy What in the Heck – I am all for little bits of humor and jokes in a film but these moments felt forced.  So many times, we needed exposition and it didn’t happen but unless you were digging for it you wouldn’t have noticed.  

Overall though I loved Aquaman it was an enjoyable trip to the movies I mean it gave me everything I look for in the movies Action, a few good chuckles, and a complete story from beginning to end.  The hiccups aren’t enough to derail me from having fun which is what this movie was. 

So, what do I give Aquaman?  3.9 out of 5.  It is definitely a fun movie put not perfect in any way. Do you need any upgraded features like IMAX?  No.  For other things I will let you flip a coin if you want to see it outside of a matinee.

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