#Administrative Notes – Where is my super suit? Going to the #NYCC2014 but I am not dressing up!

Next week marks the start of New York Comic Con at the Jacob Javitz Center.  There are way too many things to cover but I plan on doing my best to get a few highlights in on my mad dash to see and know all that is happening.  Now I have never made it to the San Diego Show but I have attended the New York Show a number of times.   I have to say the show organizers  (thanks ReedPOP) go out of their way to accommodate press outlets of many different sizes and experience levels.

Starting and maintaining a pop culture, entertainment opinion website I have found is more difficult than originally expected but I continue to push along.  The full time job, full time school, volunteering, and full time family life does put a little strain on everything but eventually it will all be worth it.

With all that said I am looking for like minded individuals who have a passion for comics, pop culture, and video games.  Now there are many sites out there that are way more established and have the backing of large companies and tons of employees and people lining up to submit articles and opinions.   http://poweredbydatallc.com/youtube.com/embed/HnOJ33KH4ck You may ask why are you trying to compete?  The easy answer:  Because I want to!!!!

When a door is closed sometimes you have to make your own.  While I still take the time to submit articles to numerous outlets as a freelance writer I know there are millions of others doing the same who are probably a lot better than I am.  I am making my own door and I am inviting you to walk through it just as I am.  So if you have an idea, article, book, comic strip, or something creative that you want to show the world let me know send me a link if it fits what I do I will post it because your thoughts count (at least to you).

I need more NERDs!!!!

So if you want to write an article on a comic book, sci-fi, cartoon, movie, video game, etc… (see my website for samples of what I do) let me know by e-mail (onyxxx@goingfullnerd.com) and maybe we can work out a deal.

If you are an artist of any skill level I would love to post your work.  Send me a link to your work or an image along with something about yourself to post along with it.  If you do commissions send a price list and how prospective buyers can reach you.

If you just want to donate to making this a bigger and better effort I am looking into some crowd-funding sites to get a better understanding so stay tuned.



More Info  I will be roaming the halls during #NYCC2014 so if you get one of my spiffy new business cards while you are there or come across me make sure I get your email address I may have some giveaways. 

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