ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT COMICS IN STORES THIS WEEK New Releases for the week of September 4, 2019 HERALD: LOVECRAFT & TESLA – BUNDLES OF JOY #1 Writer(s): John Reilly
benadryl by prescription Artist Name(s): Tom Rogers (pencils), Dexter Weeks (color, letters)
Cover Artist(s): Tom Rogers (pencils), Dexter Weeks (color)
24pgs./ T / FC                   $3.99

Aleister Crowley sends his Scarlet Women to offer Houdini a deal. Howard and Sonia’s exploits have painful consequences. Tesla begins testing of his Ceryx ex Praeterito dream machine.

What people are saying about Herald:

“Monsters, magic, and mayhem involving famous historical figures heading down a dark path. I love this!” (SciFiPulse)

“Overall, this comic is a joy to read and has done a phenomenal job of creating characters that are so charmingly ridiculous, that anything they do seems worthy of reading.” (Graphic Policy)

“Strong character definition, exaggerations made in the name of pure fun, and an attention to detail make “Herald” a book to keep on your radar.”
(Multiversity Comics)

Writer(s): Jeanine-Jonee, Emily Brigolin 
Artist Name(s): Jeanine-Jonee (Pencils, inks, color), Kyle P. Holland (Additional colors) 
Cover Artist(s): Jeanine-Jonee (Cover A), 
Kyle P. Holland (Cover B) 
128 pgs./ T / FC                   $14.99

What people are saying about Seafoam: A Friend for Madison:

“Those early elementary school kids, this is how you get them hooked on reading.” (Trey Burley – Daddy Mojo)

“It’s somewhere between a Genndy Tartakovsky and that Plastic Man series by Kyle Baker from 2006.” (Major Spoilers – Dueling Review)

“What’s not to love about this?” (James Ferguson –

Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley
Artist Name(s): Telenia Albuquerque, Pocket Owl, Lexillo
Cover Artist(s): Telenia Albuquerque
27 pgs./ T / FC                   $2.99

Date Night is over and now it’s back to the high seas for our crew, but not without a little bit more romantic drama.  But what dangers have been gathering, waiting for our pirate ladies during their night off?  By the end of this issue, they’ll be in more danger than they’ve ever been before.

What people are saying about Raven:

” ‘Princeless Raven: The Pirate Princess’ is the YA lesbian heroine we’ve been waiting for” (AfterEllen)

“…with a new series, comes a new artist: Xenia Pamfil! Her art style reminds me a lot of Rosy Higgins from the first series with a very animated and lively style that makes everything so much fun to look at. ” (PopNerdTV)
 “Raven the Pirate Princess is the Coolest, Queerest Pirate on the Seven Seas” (Autostraddle)

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