ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT COMICS IN STORES THIS WEEK New Releases for the week of September 11, 2019

neurontin 300 mg Writer(s): Massimo Rosi
Artist Name(s): Ludovica Ceregatti (Pencils), Renato Stevanato (Colors)
Cover Artist(s): Ludovica Ceregatti
128 pgs./ T / FC                   $14.99

A samurai salamander, looking for his lost honor, decides to commit Harakiri. But in order to have an honorable death, he has to do it under the roof of the Shogun’s house Swollen-Cheeks. Something terrible will bring the fighting spirit of the Gaijin salamander back: an invasion, a vengeance and a war between the last samurai frogs and the lizards coming from West to take control of the throne and the whole Rising Sun country.

What people are saying about Cold Blood Samurai:

Cold Blood Samurai took me by surprise – a wonderfully elegant surprise.” (Graphic Policy)

“From the dialogue and narration to the art, everything works perfectly together.” (Word of the Nerd)

“From a history and comic fan standpoint, I feel this comic is so far really well done and pays just the right amount of tribute to the source while still becoming its own story.” (The Pop Break)

“…this deserves and must be the story of the year! It is just that good, powerful and poignant.” (Reading with a Flight Ring)

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