ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT COMICS IN STORES THIS WEEK New Releases for the week of May 29th, 2019

Writer(s): Massimo Rosi
Artist Name(s): Ludovica Ceregatti (Pencils), Renato Stevanato (Colors)
Cover Artist(s): Ludovica Ceregatti 

32 pgs./ T / FC                   $3.99

He is a Gaijin, a stranger, alone in a country far from everything. He lost his love and his master… there’s only one thing he’s expecting: Harakiri, the ritual suicide. To deserve an honorable death, he has to reach the Shogun Swallen-Cheeks’ mansion and ask for permission. With his fortress under attack, the Shogun will ask him something that will change the salamander’s life forever. 

What people are saying about Cold Blood Samurai:

“This is a fantastic first issue, and easily my favorite debut this year.”

“This book is the definition of beautiful.” (Reading with a Flight Ring)

“From a history and comic fan standpoint, I feel this comic is so far really well done and pays just the right amount of tribute to the source while still becoming its own story.” (The Pop Break)

“From the dialogue and narration to the art, everything works perfectly together.” (Word of the Nerd)

Cold Blood Samurai took me by surprise – a wonderfully elegant surprise.” (Graphic Policy)

Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley
Artist Name(s): Newt Taber, Takeia Marie, Brett Grunig
Cover Artist(s):  Newt Taber, Brett Grunig

24 pgs./ E / FC                   $3.99

Angoisse has always allowed her life to be valued by how much attention she’s been paid – which is tough when your younger sister is the most beautiful princess in the kingdom and your older sisters never stop bickering. Now for the first time she’s doing her own thing and has people…well, goblins…looking to her for help. Can Angoisse and The Grimmorax become the swamp’s defenders?

Also, a special bonus story about the race to become the new goblin president starring everybody’s favorite goblin tour guide, Deloris Grunkmore.

What people are saying about Princeless:

“…an inspirational story about strength and determination.”
(Sirens of Sequentials)

“The world this is set in is interesting, and as always, I like the idea of princesses who aren’t patient with waiting around and who are willing to act.” (Major Spoilers)

Princeless: Pirate Princess is a fresh, exciting, and delightful all-ages adventure comic that evokes classic adventures like Avatar: The Last Airbender and Powerpuff Girls.” (A Place to Hang Your Cape)

Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley
Artist Name(s): Xenia Pamfil, Christine Hipp, Lexillo
Cover Artist(s): Sorah Suhng, Eddy Swan

27 pgs./ T / FC                   $2.99

What people are saying about Raven:

” ‘Princeless Raven: The Pirate Princess’ is the YA lesbian heroine we’ve been waiting for” (AfterEllen)

“…with a new series, comes a new artist: Xenia Pamfil! Her art style reminds me a lot of Rosy Higgins from the first series with a very animated and lively style that makes everything so much fun to look at. ” (PopNerdTV)
 “Raven the Pirate Princess is the Coolest, Queerest Pirate on the Seven Seas” (Autostraddle)

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