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buy Lamictal no prescription ADVENTURE FINDERS: THE EDGE OF EMPIRE #1
Writer(s): Rod Espinosa

buy lasix online with mastercard Artist Name(s): Rod Espinosa
topamax xr price Cover Artist Name(s): Rod Espinosa
32 pgs./ T / FC                   $3.99

Clari is as bubbly as Barbie, as noble as She-Ra, and as violent as any anime warrior princess you’ve ever seen! Young Clariette and her friends Jolfe the Wizard and Ariarra the Healer are tossed directly into a full-scale battle as thousands of orcs, beasts and ogres attack the gigantic convoy of the noble Lord Justinius as they prepare to take up their post guarding Clariette’s home town of Good River!

When all seems lost, an unexpected ally appears!

Writer(s): Massimo Rosi
Artist Name(s): Ludovica Ceregatti (Pencils), Renato Stevanato (Colors)
Cover Artist(s): Ludovica Ceregatti
32 pgs./ T / FC                   $3.99

Black-Spit’s evil plan fails as the sixth sense of Gaijin saves the Shogun Swollen-Cheeks’ life. Now it’s time for a last desperate action: killing Black-Spit, cutting the Serpent’s head off inside its own camp. Gaijin is the only one who can complete this kind of mission, save everyone and, finally, commit his long awaited Harakiri… or not? 

What people are saying about Cold Blood Samurai:

“This is unique, without… equal or parallel. Don’t believe me read… it for yourself.” (Reading with a Flight Ring)

“All the characters have been built up wonderfully and I am impressed by how invested the creative team has made me in this story.” (Word of the Nerd)

Cold Blood Samurai took me by surprise – a wonderfully elegant surprise.” (Graphic Policy)

Writer(s): Jeanine-Jonee
Artist Name(s): Jeanine-Jonee (Pencils, inks, color), Kyle P. Holland (Additional colors)
Cover Artist(s): Jeanine-Jonee (Cover A)
32 pgs./ E / FC                   $3.99

What people are saying about Seafoam: A Friend for Madison:

“Those early elementary school kids, this is how you get them hooked on reading.” (Trey Burley – Daddy Mojo)

“It’s somewhere between a Genndy Tartakovsky and that Plastic Man series by Kyle Baker from 2006.” (Major Spoilers – Dueling Review)

“What’s not to love about this?” (James Ferguson –

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