Action Lab: Danger Zone’s AWRY launches digital first this week! AWRY VOLUME 1
Writer: Wes Locher
Artist: Graeham Jarvis
Cover Artist: Graeham Jarvis

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(Pre-Order Here) An intimate tale about the dangers of space and the importance of family.

The latest in a line of Action Lab: Danger Zone digital-first titles, AWRY is an intergalactic story starring a captain everyone hates and a nervous crew. In the 10 years it took the Phyllos to reach the black hole Formax-C, the crew of four came to loathe one another. But when the mission suddenly goes awry, the astronauts must overcome their differences and work as a team if they hope to survive an unforgiving alien world and make it back home. Fans of Lost in Space or Stargate are sure to enjoy AWRY’s alien worlds, dark humor, and rich characters. Writer/creator Wes Locher highlights the creativity of his series: “AWRY is bringing something fun to the sci-fi genre. Instead of heavily-armed soldiers landing on an alien world and saving the day with bullets and explosives, we’re giving you a crew armed only with their wits. That includes a captain that every one hates, and astronauts who talk too much when they get nervous. It’s going to be a wild ride.” Locher went on to talk about what he wants readers to get from his book: “The core idea of AWRY is that when the chips are down, you see someone’s true character. AWRY takes familiar sci-fi tropes but uses them to tell an intimate story about loneliness, desire, and the ideas of family, digging into those moments where the people you don’t get along with can turn out to be the greatest allies imaginable. It’s like they say: you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.” Locher’s final thoughts: “AWRY could easily fall into the trap of being another high-octane action tale about gross aliens and laser guns, and while we have plenty of those, we wanted to tell a more intimate tale about the dangers of space and the importance of family.”
Adopt this wacky space family on comiXology this October! All four issues of AWRY will be made available on comiXology October 9th. They will be collected in the trade coming out on October 16th on comiXology. Check out a special preview of all four issues below! Pre-order the books so you don’t miss them on launch day! AWRY VOLUME 1 PREVIEW PAGES

The Phyllos has finally reached its destination: the black hole known as Formax-C. Unfortunately, in their 10-year journey to get there, the astronauts on board have come to hate one another. But when the mission suddenly goes awry, the crew must to set aside their differences if they hope to survive long enough to see home again.

(Pre-Order Here)
Having survived his trip through the black hole, Captain Edwards finds himself on an alien planet where he’s forced into indentured servitude. There, he soon discovers his only hopes of escape may lie with another prisoner. Meanwhile, the Phyllos has a new captain and is expected to return to Earth immediately, with or without Edwards.
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The crew of the Phyllos attempts a death-defying rescue mission of interstellar proportions to save their missing crew member. Meanwhile, the crew puts the fun in “dysfunctional” and Captain Edwards continues to offend basically everyone he comes into contact with.
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The Phyllos has been destroyed, and the crew’s chances of returning to Earth are looking slimmer by the minute. But with the lives of his fellow explorers in jeopardy, Captain Edwards prepares to stage a daring rescue mission of his own… even if it means never seeing home again.
Pre-Order Here)

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