ACTION LAB: DANGER ZONE COMICS IN STORES THIS WEEK New Releases for the week of May 1st, 2019

Writer(s): Jason Martin
Artist Name(s): Winston Young
Cover A – Winston Young Cover (unlimited)
Cover B – Winston Young Risqué Variant Cover (limited to 2500)
Cover C – Marcelo Trom Artist Variant Cover (limited to 1500)
Cover D – Marcelo Trom Artist Risqué Cover (limited to 2000)
Cover E – Dan Mendoza Variant Cover (limited to 1500)
Cover F – Dan Mendoza Risqué Cover (limited to 2000)

24 pgs./ M / FC $4.99

Featured on Halloween Comic Fest and spinning out of the events of the last Danger Doll Squad series, it’s the solo debut of the all-new fan-favorite mash-up character (featuring the powers of Zombie Tramp, Vampblade, and DollFace combined) in her own cosmic origin story!!

The next big Danger Zone series starts here, with covers from some of the series’ hottest artists (each with their own risqué variant as well)!

What reviewers are saying about Danger Doll Squad:

“…all the folks who worked on this deliver a book that’s serious but doesn’t take itself seriously and it’s damn fun!” (Reading with a Flight Ring)

“Each of the main characters’ personalities are perfectly captured here, both in the story and the artwork. They all bring something different to the table which makes for a fun meshing of attitudes.” (Horror Talk)

“Danger Doll Squad hits all the right spots… a massive, hard 10/10”
(Tech Media Stash) NULL FAERIES #4
Writer(s): Chad Cicconi
Artist Name(s): Chad Cicconi (pencils, inks), Federico Sioc, Jr. (colors), Adam Wollet (letters)
Cover A – Chad Cicconi
Cover B – Sorah Suhng

32 pgs./ T+ / FC $3.99

Delving ever more deeply into the mystery of the missing pixie dust shipment, Ionantha Hesperis, the only mortal faerie and the Queen’s inquisitor, must at last confront the first adult human to sense the faerie world and command its magic since Merlyn — over a thousand years ago.  In doing so, she walks alone, and plays a desperate game of cat and mouse with the most dangerous threat the Fey world has ever seen.

What people are saying about Null Faeries:

“This is a fantasy title that gives you everything you want.” (Soda and Telepaths)

“This is a spectacular journey into a world we don’t get to see often and Chad and company really have something special here.” (Reading with a Flight Ring)

“…worth a read if you’re looking for a new take on faeries.” (Omnicomic)

Writer(s): David Pepose
Artist Name(s): Jorge Santiago, Jr. (Pencils), Jasen Smith (Colors)
Cover A – Jorge Santiago, Jr.
Cover B – Maan House
Cover C – Joe Mulvey

24 pgs./ T+ / FC $3.99

The critical and fan favorite series returns! Suspended by Internal Affairs, Detective Locke grapples with the demons of his past alongside his trusty partner, his childhood imaginary panther Spencer. But when Spencer and Locke face a scarred soldier named Roach Riley, will this unlikely pair finally meet their match?

What fans are saying already about SPENCER & LOCKE 2: “SPENCER & LOCKE 2 is a fever dream of nostalgia and noir, an original voice from one of comics’ most unique writers.”
(Bryan Edward Hill, Batman and the Outsiders)

“A genuinely compelling story… the SPENCER & LOCKE formula retains its appeal thanks to an even more ambitious sequel.” (IGN)

“One of the most original and thoughtful series out today, tackling childhood trauma and PTSD, and balancing these heavy topics with smart humor, intrigue, and thrills.” (Monkeys Fighting Robots

“The potential for this series is limitless.” (DoomRocket)

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