New Releases for the week of March 6th, 2019

buy viagra blue pill ABERRANT #5
Writer(s): Rylend Grant
Artist Name(s): Davi Leon Dias (Artist), Iwan Joko Triyono (Colorist), HdE (Letterer)
Cover Artist(s): Davi Leon Dias (Artist), Iwan Joko Triyono (Colorist)
***Same for both regular and variant cover.

look what i found 32 pgs./ M / FC $3.99

CHAPTER 5: GOD D*** IT. A silver-tongued Nelson Little must talk a checked out David into saving the man he still thinks may be responsible for the death of his men.

What people are saying about Aberrant:

“…an intense, near-cinematic reading experience that incites excitement and inspires interest for issues to come. ” (The Brazen Bull)

“It’s off to an explosive start that’s intense while introducing a new spin on superhumans. If you like revenge tales, military thrillers, and superheroes, ‘Aberrant’ has it all. Give this series a chance.” (Spartantown)

“Packed with action, character development and visceral artwork, Aberrant is most definitely one to watch.” (Big Comic Page)

Writer(s): Dave Dwonch
Artist Name(s): Sergio Rios (art), Megan Huang (color)
Cover Artist(s): Sergio Rios (Cover A), Daniel J Logan (Cover B)
32 pgs./ M / FC $3.99

The Dungeon Lords find more than they bargained for when they finally track down the video game villain Pilfer in the real world, and things go decidedly worse for Jason and his team within the game. This one will have EVERYONE talking. Don’t miss out on the comic event of the minute!

CBR’s “Top 100” series returns, from the writer of Infinite Seven and Cyrus Perkins and the Haunted Taxi Cab!

What people are saying about the first volume of Double Jumpers:

“DOUBLE JUMPERS FULL CIRCLE JERKS has a killer premise that is executed to perfection, and the result is terrific (and hilarious) action.” (Tech Media Stash)

“So far this arc is off to a raucous good time! With some of the more impressive characterisation and plot/story development Dave and company manage to deliver just the right amount of sarcasm alongside some of the more typical aspects surrounding gamers and game makers.” (Reading with a Flight Ring)

Writer(s):Samantha Wallschlaeger
Artist Name(s): Joge, Rozakaz
Cover Artist(s): Joge, Rozakaz
32 pgs./ T+ / FC $3.99

After rebelling against their client and stealing a prized alien dog, Cass and Iola earn the hatred of the most dangerous black market traders in the galaxy. But as they attempt to lie low and resume their budding careers as bounty hunters, they discover they may have become the hunted—and meet a surprising potential ally.

What people are saying about Guncats:

“The creative team has done a great job creating a fun title.” (Impulse Gamer)

“I really liked it, definitely will pick up the next issue.” (Comic Uno)

Writer(s): Dan Mendoza, Vince Hernandez
Artist Name(s): Winston Young
Cover A – TMChu Regular Cover (unlimited); Price $5.99
Cover B – TMChu Risqué Cover (unlimited); Price $5.99
Cover C – Bill McKay Virgin Regular Cover (limited to 2000); Price $6.99
Cover D – Bill McKay Virgin Risqué Cover (limited to 2000); Price $6.99
Cover E – Winston Young Variant Cover (limited to 2000); Price $5.99
Cover F – Winston Young Risqué Variant Cover (limited to 2500); Price $5.99
Cover G – Blank Sketch Variant Cover (limited to 2000); Price $5.99
Cover H – Dan Mendoza Foil Regular Cover (limited to 1500); Price $19.99
Cover I – Dan Mendoza Foil Risqué Cover (limited to 1500); Price $19.99
Cover J – Dan Mendoza Lenticular Virgin Regular (limited to 1000); Price $24.99
Cover K – Dan Mendoza Lenticular Virgin Risque (limited to 1000); Price $24.99

After the departure of Janey Belle, a new Zombie Tramp has risen from the grave! Angel Lynch will debut in this issue as the next woman to take up the mantle of Zombie Tramp. Learn about her origin as she begins her journey of destruction in this oversized edition. Her all-new adventures will be written by creator Dan Mendoza and newcomer to the Danger Doll Universe, Vince Hernandez (writer of Aspen’s Fathom and Artifact One).

Features regular and risqué variants from fan favorite series’ artists, including TMChu, with limited edition foil covers, and virgin lenticular covers featuring exclusive art from series creator Dan Mendoza showcasing the new Zombie Tramp, Angel Lynch, contrasted with the original Zombie Tramp, Janey Belle, in both regular and risqué editions!

Retailer exclusive covers are available, please contact

What people are saying about Zombie Tramp:

“I thought I knew where “The Death of Zombie Tramp” was going, but I was completely wrong. I’m glad I was because this is a terrific way to close the chapter on one character and open the door for a new one. Janey has been incredibly fun to read over the years and now we get to see what someone else will do with the role.” (Horror DNA)

“It’s a hit for a reason and anyone out of the loop best find a way in.”
(Comic Crusaders)

“What a glorious time to be an adult and into comic books. These mature titles continue to impress me with not only their unique story telling but with the stunning artwork.” (Tech Media Stash)

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