A sequel to the Danger Zone series with an upcoming TV show, ABERRANT SEASON 2 is a modern political/conspiracy thriller unlike any other!

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Writer(s): Rylend Grant
Artist Name(s): Davi Leon Dias (Artist), Iwan Joko Triyono (Colorist), HdE (Letterer)
Cover Artist(s): Davi Leon Dias (Artist), Iwan Joko Triyono (Colorist)
160 pgs./ M / FC

Whether you’re familiar with Action Lab: Danger Zone’s ABERRANT or not, The Brazen Bull confirms, “Grant manages to bring new (and returning) readers up-to-speed, setting the stage for this second season, in a way that is both exciting and telling.” The military/political action thriller was also picked up for television by 24 and Felicity executive producer Tony Krantz, Collider reports. Get an advance look at the show when you get this original comic!
In ABERRANT SEASON 2, a U.S. Army Special Operations Commander teams up with a former superhero to go up against a renegade General. That is, if they don’t kill each other first. The series has a paranoid thriller feel that fans of ’70s films like The Conversation, Marathon Man and Three Days of the Condor can appreciate.

Pre-order ABERRANT SEASON 2, which collects SEASON 2 issues #1-5, with the Diamond item code MAY191285. It will be available in a comic book store near you on July 2019.

The world Rylend develops in ABERRANT can be further explored with ABERRANT VOLUME 1 (which is available now), and in his upcoming Action Lab: Danger Zone series BANJAX, which will be out this June. Check out an interview with creator/writer Rylend Grant about ABERRANT SEASON 2 and BANJAX on Shots with Comics.

What the cool kids are saying about Aberrant:

“Go home, other comics people. Rylend Grant and Zsombor Huszka just killed the game.” (Charles Pulliam-Moore – i09)

Aberrant offers an intense, near-cinematic reading experience that incites excitement and inspires interest for issues to come.” (Charlie Chipman – The Brazen Bull)

Aberrant flat-out works. You have visceral action scenes. Personalities practically ooze out of the page. Honestly, this is the kind of storytelling that the big publishers are missing.” (David Gladman – Big Comic Page)

“A bleak, dangerous, and serious story with a lot at stake. If you like revenge tales, military thrillers, and superheroes, Aberrant has it all.” (Enrique Rea – Spartantown)

Aberrant is a game-changer at Action Lab: Danger Zone. You’ll become captivated almost immediately. The creative team put together one of the most seamless, cohesive, and dynamic collaborations I’ve seen this year on the indie scene.” (Jason Bennett – PopCultHQ)

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