IPhone X vs Note 8


Many of you who watch my channel remember last year’s debacle as I upgraded my cell phone. I prefer to have a Note phone by Samsung and when I bought that Note 7 last year I was very happy …until they started literally blowing up. So here we are about a year later and now we have the latest and greatest the IPhone X and the Note 8.

My excitement for new phones has dwindles so much because the functionality really isn’t ground breaking and the access to these devices is almost criminal. Yet people are paying $1000 for a phone?

Think about what you can buy for $1000 dollars OR invest a $1000 dollars in. You do understand when they make the next phone the resale value of this one will fall through the basement and you will feel like IT just pulled you into the sewer. So am I upgrading? Nope. When I was forced to switch to a S7 Edge pretty much that was counted as my upgrade and I refuse to trade this in and get crapped on because the phone isn’t in perfect condition (I have a hairline scratch that I was told would stop me from getting my full previous Note 7 owner discount). I am really thinking about getting an old school flip phone and upping my tablet game for the future.

I can’t wait to see how many people can’t buy a good meal or how many panhandlers I see talking into the Note 8 or IPhone X on my next drive into the city.

So what do you think? Are you getting one of the latest generation phones or are you good just riding out this wave until the next big thing?

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The Talk Show – Pumpkin Spice Everything


This Week’s Top 5 Box Office

1 It $60,000,000
2 American Assassin $14,800,000
3 mother!  $7,500,000
4 Home Again   $5,334,160
5 The Hitman’s Bodyguard   $3,550,000

Ladies and Gentlemen it is that time of the year again as I go to the grocery store and everything is “Pumpkin Spice”. From milk, coffee creamer, donuts, candy, oatmeal, and cookies everything is Pumpkin Spice. I know that Starbucks made this a thing and everyone has gone crazy ever since. Just as the leaves turn color from green to brown the morning chill hits you in the morning as you go to work.

The sight of UGG Boots at the mall and long lines at Starbucks and anywhere coffee is sold means Pumpkin Spice is here.
Here are the Pumpkin Spice products I have seen so far:

• Eggos
• Twinkies
• Coffee Mate Creamer
• Oreo Cookies
• Jello
• Rice Krispies Treats

….and so much more

Now I saw a news article saying that Maple Flavor is going to take over as the fall flavor for this year. Now me I can take or leave Pumpkin Spice but Maple is my go to. Pair Maple with Bacon and you have an unbeatable combination.

So what do you prefer?

Pumpkin Spice or Maple? What better defines the change in season for you?

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Review This – American Assassin


The need to have a new James bond or Jason Bourne hell even a new John Wick is too darn great.  That brings us to this week’s action flick American Assassin.  There were a large number of flaws in this movie especially in the terms of character development.  From our main hero, his mentor, and the villain the lack of character development and motivation was completely missing.  I can’t wait to see the HISHE YouTube channel version of this movie because it would have been super quick after the first scene.  I had high hopes from the trailer because Michael Keaton has been on fire for his past couple of movies playing the badass superhero/supervillain but this character fell flat like day old ginger ale.  I give American Assassin a two (2) mindless action isn’t bad but a haphazard story and completely cartoonish villain just didn’t do it for me.


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The GoingFullNerd Project (Ep. 6) – Making Advertiser Friendly Videos

Recently many creators on YouTube have been getting their videos reviewed and getting these interesting yellow circles.   These are signs that your material may not be advertiser friendly for one reason or another.  Now I am here to tell you that whatever system YouTube is utilizing isn’t perfect but since we have to deal with it here are a few things I have noticed:

My live streams automatically got the yellow circle at first I was outraged but then I changed the thumbnail and boom it was green and getting ads again.

Language is key I have been known to drop some colorful language so there are a couple of my videos that will never get ads outside of YouTube Red.  That’s cool but in order to make the most of things you have to keep it clean.

Avoid copyrighted material, while it may not limit ads but if you are trying to monetize keep

Lastly have patience they are constantly making changes to the system some good some bad but what are you going to do?


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Review This: IT (You’ll float too!!!)

I really dislike horror movies. I mean I really dislike horror movies. This movie is a more detailed remake of the 1990’s television movie of the same name which terrorized me then as much as it does now. I mean clowns are scary enough as is without adding the horror element. Now with any adaptation anyone can say the book is better. I think that is the overall thought since certain liberties were taken: Kids are from the 80’s instead of the 50’s of the original (Reminds me of Stranger Things mixed with Goonies, Stand by me, etc..) and you can see how it was an influencer of and by those movies. I am not going to rate this movie on my normal scale because I have a thing against horror films but if it is your thing I suggest you get your popcorn and a ticket. A sequel will possibly be in the works (this is Chapter 1) which will give viewers the part two of the story but this particular movie can stand on its own. But it made $117 Million so I can pretty much guarantee it will be done. Now excuse me while I calm my nerves…..


The Inhumans – These guys can’t get a break


I took one for the team and saw the IMAX premiere event for the new Marvel show premiering this fall called the Inhumans. For those who don’t know The Inhumans are a fictional race of “superhumans” created by the legendary Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. These are not new characters and in the tradition of the Marvel Cinematic Universe there has been some serious changes bringing them to life on the small screen (or shall I say big to small screen)

Televisions Agents of SHIELD gave us our first live action glimpse of the characters but this new show premiering September 29th on ABC have been called the replacement X-Men due to legal dealings and character rights problems due to Marvel and their poor rights contracts before being purchased by Disney.

I paid $20 to see it and while it damn sure wasn’t worth it the concept is possibly TV worthy but very hard to tell. Marvel broadcast television lives and a very delicate space and can easily go south real quick.

As a comic book fan I will say the characters do not stay true to the books with minor changes to power sets and with the limits of broadcast television budgets don’t hold your breath for long drawn out superhero battles.

As far as TV shows go I plan on giving it a try to see if it gets better but I don’t see this going very far with how it is written at this point.

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